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Peter Blauner

Welcome to the website of Peter Blauner, New York Times bestselling novelist, TV writer, and Edgar® award winner.

Proving Ground

New Book Coming May 2, 2017

Proving Ground

"Over the last 25 years Peter Blauner has proven to be a master of the urban darkside, his crime novels suffused with a knowing compassion for the bottom dogs who live in the Minotaur's maze that is New York City. Proving Ground is one of his finest efforts."
   —Richard Price

Peter's upcoming book, Proving Ground, is a modern-day Hamlet story that takes place in Brooklyn. When a famously controversial criminal defense attorney is found dead near a park, his troubled war veteran son Nathaniel "Natty Dread" Dresden sets out to avenge his death. But the course of justice is twisting and destructive, and an ambitious young Latina detective named Lourdes Robles stands in his way. And while there's a saying that when you embark on a journey of revenge dig two graves—one for your enemy, and one for yourself—this time two might not be sufficient.

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Previous Books

His books, previously published in hardcover and paperback, are also available in digital editions. They are available from Amazon, BN.com, Apple's iBookstore, and most other online retailers.